[sib-courses] Course "Data Management Plan", 17 January 2019, Lausanne

Gregoire Rossier gregoire.rossier at sib.swiss
Wed Dec 5 09:15:58 CET 2018

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce a course jointly organized by SIB Training, 
CHUV Library and CUSO / StarOmics doctoral program and entitled:

*Data Management Plan.*

Research data associated with a publication are fundamental to validate 
the published analyses and results. Many causes contribute to this lack 
of reproducibility in life science studies such as a lack of rigor in 
data management and analysis. This extensive problem related to improper 
research management has urged scientists to consider developing 
efficient Data Management Plans (DMP) for their research projects, a 
need that is also reflected in the requirements of funding agencies, 
amongst which the Swiss National Fund (SNF) and Horizon 2020.

This 1-day workshop, which will be held at the *University of Lausanne, 
17 January 2019, *will provide you with effective support to produce 
high quality DMP complying with the guidelines established by funding 
agencies. Importantly, it will provide you with tools to generate robust 
data and excellent quality studies that are reproducible and reusable.

Further information, such as the target audience, learning objectives, 
prerequisites and registration, is available at StarOmics 
<https://www.cuso.ch/activity/?p=1741&uid=4495> and SIB 
<https://www.sib.swiss/training/course/2019-01-DMP>pages. Pay attention 
that registration is on the StarOmics page 
<https://www.cuso.ch/activity/?p=1741&uid=4495> only.

For administrative questions, please contact staromics at cuso.ch 
<mailto:staromics at cuso.ch>
For technical and scientific questions, please contact 
training at sib.swiss <mailto:training at sib.swiss>

Hope to see you there!

Corinne Dentan
StarOmics coordinator

Grégoire Rossier
SIB Training coordinator


Grégoire Rossier

SIB Training Group, Vital-IT
SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
Quartier Sorge - Bâtiment Génopode
CH 1015 Lausanne - Switzerland
phone +41 (0)21 692.40.78

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