[sib-courses] SIB course: Advanced R, 11-13 December 2017, Lausanne

Diana Marek Diana.Marek at sib.swiss
Wed Nov 1 18:24:39 CET 2017

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce the following SIB course:

*Advanced R - 11-13 December 2017 - Lausanne*

This 3-day advanced course combining lectures and practicals, is 
targeted at life scientists or bioinformaticians *who are already 
comfortable using the R statistical software in practice*, and want to:

  * reduce the number of potential errors and bugs when programming in R
  * efficiently use R data structures in order to store and process
    their data
  * profile their code to find and remove bottlenecks in order to make
    it run faster

Further detailed information, prerequisites and application form are 
available here <https://www.sib.swiss/training/course/2017-12-advanced-r>.
Any question? Don't hesitate to contact us at training at sib.swiss

Best wishes
Diana Marek
*Diana Marek, PhD
*Vital-IT - Training & Outreach *
**SIB | Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics*
Quartier Sorge - Bâtiment Génopode - CH 1015 Lausanne - Switzerland
t +41 21 692 40 77 - f +41 21 692 40 65
New email: Diana.Marek at sib.swiss
www.vital-it.ch - www.sib.swiss/training

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