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Fri Feb 5 12:31:50 CET 2016

Dear all,

We are happy to announce the following courses for Msc and PhD students interested in 3D structure of proteins and small molecules (drugs).

The goal of this course is to expose the participants to 3-dimensional structures of proteins. It describes the experimental methods used to solve these structures, and databases used to archive, annotate and classify protein structures. Analysis and visualisation software will be used to display, analyze, compare and interpret protein structures. Students will also be introduced to protein structure prediction by homology modeling techniques.
The second part of the course is dedicated molecular modelling, introduction to docking of small molecules (drugs, peptides) to large macromolecules and molecular graphics.

BC.7104  Introduction to protein 3D structure and protein homology modelling (Dr Bordoli, UniBas)
Feb 22 & 29 (1:15pm-5pm)
Mar 7 & 14 (1:15pm-5pm)

BC.7105  Introduction to docking of small molecules to large macromolecules and molecular graphics (Dr. Zoete, Unil)
Apr 11 & 18 & 25 (1:15pm-5pm)
May 2 (1:15pm-5pm)

Location: UniFr (PER14 room 2.223)

Please note that these 2 classes are examined together, if you need ECTS you should take both classes and attend the exam in June (1.5 ECTS).

Registration (before Feb 15) and more informations: Laurent.Falquet at unifr.ch

Best regards,
Laurent Falquet

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