[sib-courses] Bioinformatics in the Chalet - Conceiving a bioinformatics project

Patricia Palagi Patricia.Palagi at isb-sib.ch
Wed May 27 10:05:39 CEST 2015

Dear all,

we are pleased to announce the SIB workshop "Bioinformatics in the 
Chalet", this September:


This workshop differs from most other courses or workshops in that the 
participants are isolated with a few faculty members and asked to work 
in small groups with a single aim: to come up with an original research 
project. We have organized this in 2011 and 2013, inspired by the 
success of similar initiatives in evolutionary biology, and it worked 
extremely well.

Key aspects:
- the participants, with diverse backgrounds, have to think about what 
makes a good project in bioinformatics,
- the topics being discussed are absolutely bottom-up, from cancer to 
evolution, and from algorithms to data analysis (or whatever the 
participants come up with);
- the format of a continuous dialogue between the participants and the 
faculty, and the limited number of students, stimulates interactions and 
integration, which the students highly appreciated in the previous year.

This workshop is open to PhD students, advanced Master students, and 

While "unique" is over-used, this is a rather special learning 
experience, in a charming place with a breathtaking view. Applications 
are treated on first come first served basis. Don't miss it!

Best regards,

Patricia M. Palagi, Ph.D.
Head, Training and Outreach
SIB|Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

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