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Dear Colleagues,

In the framework of the Bioinformatics core facility of Fribourg, I am pleased to announce the 2 following workshops (2013-WSA and 2013-WSB), organized in collaboration with the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and Vital-IT. These workshops are open free of charge to all the members of the life sciences community at UniFr and UniBe (Masters and PhD students, Postdocs, PAT, group leaders), however 2013-WSB targets mainly users of the Vital-IT High-Performance Cluster.
Feel free to register using the links given below.

*** 2013-WSA Thursday June 27: Graphical presentation of biological data ***

Representing statistical data graphically is an important task for any scientist presenting his work. Most of the time, scientific results are (or should be) conveyed through graphics, and the ability to convince other researchers of the interest of this work depends critically on the clarity and quality of these images.

In practice, these important graphics are almost always created by following two very simple, but inefficient, rules: firstly, do whatever your colleagues have been doing in the past, and secondly, use the default types of graphics and options suggested by the software you are using.

During this workshop, we will discuss different ways for representing data, how to choose among them, what are error bars and why you should avoid using them, how to design efficient graphs, technical tools, good practices for plotting data, and common mistakes to avoid.

There is no pre-requisite for this course.
Please bring your laptop.

*** 2013-WSB Thursday September 12: High Performance Computing (HPC) in Life Sciences - An Introduction to Vital-IT & UniFr-UniBe resources ***

Several scientific applications require computing and/or storage resources that go beyond the processing power of a single multi-core machine. High performance computing (HPC) clusters provide the necessary hardware and software infrastructure to efficiently run computing intensive applications. The course gives an introduction to high performance computing using the HPC cluster at Vital-IT. Both theoretical as well as practical usage aspects will be covered.

• Identify limits of conventional multi-core machines (PCs) when using life science applications
• Obtain basic theoretical knowledge on high performance computing
• Learn how to use Vital-IT's computing cluster for scientific applications (including hands-on exercises on Vital-IT's infrastructure)
• Tips and tricks for effective and efficient cluster usage
• Discuss particular computing needs and requirements of course participants

• Basic understanding of working with command line tools on Linux or Windows-based operating systems
• Scripting language such as bash or Perl is an asset
• A Vital-IT account is required (register here http://www.vital-it.ch/projects/submission.php at least 2 weeks before).
• Please bring your laptop.

Location: both workshops will take place in the seminar room O.109 of PER-04.

Registration: is free, please register on the course web page (below the title in this email).
Deadlines for registration: June 20 and August 31.
The number of seats is limited, and they will be attributed on a "first come, first serve" basis.

Best greetings,
Laurent Falquet
Bioinformatics core facility manager
Dr. Laurent Falquet (MA/MER)
University of Fribourg
Department of Biology
Division of Biochemistry
Chemin du Musée 10
CH-1700 Fribourg, Switzerland
Tel: +41 26 300 8991
Fax: +41 26 300 9741
Email: Laurent.Falquet at unifr.ch<mailto:Laurent.Falquet at unifr.ch>

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