[sib-courses] Workshop: "Advanced Technical Presentation Techniques" on 2 September

Frédéric Schütz Frederic.Schutz at isb-sib.ch
Thu Jul 14 23:27:14 CEST 2011

The SIB is organizing again a one-day workshop on presentation 
techniques by Damian Conway, which will take place in Lausanne on 2 
September 2011.

Presenting technical information to an audience is one of the hardest 
tasks any scientist can face. Presenting effectively is not a natural 
talent for most people. Indeed, many technical presentations utterly 
fail in their primary objective — to convey a complex idea or argument 
clearly and convincingly. This class explains — and demonstrates — the 
key techniques that combine to produce an effective and enjoyable 
technical presentation. All participants, from master or PhD students to 
lab heads will benefit from the techniques presented in this course.

The class is taught by Damian Conway, a well-known speaker. This course 
was already organized by the SIB in Lausanne in 2010, and the feedback 
from the students was one of the best we ever got for any SIB course.

A more detailed description of the course is available at 
http://damian.conway.org/Courses/Presentation.html. Please contact 
Frédéric Schütz (frederic.schutz at isb-sib.ch) for any question.

There is no pre-requisite for this course. The number of seats is 
limited, and they will be attributed on a "first come, first serve" 
basis. Note that the course may be cancelled if there are not enough 

150 CHF for the day (including the course documentation). This is the 
maximum price; depending on the final number of students, the final 
price may be lower.

Practical organization - Location
The session runs from 9:00 to 17:00 approximately, with a lunch break 
(lunch is not included). The course will be held in the Amphimax 
building of the University of Lausanne.

Registration is open. You can register from the course webpage at

Hope to see you there !


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