[sib-courses] SIB Bioinformatics Workshops - An introduction to Subversion (SVN) - 2010

Vassilios Ioannidis Vassilios.Ioannidis at isb-sib.ch
Tue Nov 2 16:04:09 CET 2010

Dear All,

We are pleased to announce the next SIB Bioinformatics Workshop  
"An introduction to Subversion (SVN) - 2010".

This workshop, to be held on Friday 3 December, aims to introduce  
participants to the version control system Subversion (SVN). SVN  
allows you to retrieve, at any time, older versions of your files and  
folders by keeping track of the changes. It's also a powerful and  
efficient collaborative tool for experienced programmers.

Please note that the target audience is advanced scripting/programming  
users constantly updating their code or working in a team on the same  
The program and registration pages are available at:

Important: participants to this workshop will not receive any credit.

Hope to see you there !

For the organizers,

Vassilios Ioannidis

Vassilios Ioannidis, Ph.D., Vassilios.Ioannidis at isb-sib.ch
Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, www.isb-sib.ch
Quartier Sorge, Bâtiment Génopode, 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland
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