EMBnet News bulletin of Dec 4, 2009

Laurent Falquet Laurent.Falquet at unil.ch
Fri Dec 4 17:48:17 CET 2009

* EMBnet News bulletin of 04-Dec-2009 *

Dear Users,

Courses in 2010
We will organise several courses in 2010 in collaboration with the 3e  
cycle romand in Biological Sciences:

1) Geneva January 25 - 29: Introduction to Statistics for Biologists
2) Geneva September 13 - 17: Computational Analysis of Ultra-High- 
Throughput (UHT) Sequencing Data

1) Introduction to Statistics for Biologists
The course is designed to provide graduate students in the biomedical  
sciences with experience in the application of basic statistical  
analysis techniques to a variety of biological problems.
Attendees will work through short tutorials on the topics discussed in  
the class. During the practical exercises students will learn how to  
work with the widely used "R" language and environment for statistical  
computing and graphics.
The course participants are also strongly encouraged to submit in  
advance (until 09 Jan 2010) any real-world questions, including the  
relevant data, that they may have; problems which fit the workshop's  
goals might be discussed with the teachers during the Friday's  
afternoon exercise session.

Registration opened until January 9th:
For more information please contact Dr. Vassilios Ioannidis
vassilios.ioannidis at isb-sib.ch

2) Computational Analysis of Ultra-High-Throughput (UHT) Sequencing Data
Research based on ultra-high-throughput (UHT) sequencing technologies  
is to a large extent bioinformatics: The aims of the course are: (i)  
UNDERSTANDING the biological questions addressed with these  
technologies, the nature of the data (Including noise and artifacts),  
the current state-of-the-art algorithms to interpret the data, and the  
computational challenges in the near future. (ii) KNOWING the major  
application areas of UHT sequencing, (iii) BEING ABLE to learn more  
from the corresponding scientific literature.
UHT sequencing technologies, raw data management, base cavelling, de  
novo and homology-driven assembly of genomes, large-scale genotyping  
(SNP, CNV), ChiP-seq, transcription start site mapping, gene  
expression profiling. The topics will be covered by introductory  
lectures, hands-on practicals, and research seminars by users of UHT  
sequencing technologies.

Registration opened until July 31st:
For more information please contact Dr. Vassilios Ioannidis
vassilios.ioannidis at isb-sib.ch

EMBnet in 2010
As announced in March 2009, we confirm that our activities will be  
integrated into the Vital-IT group of the SIB and further developed in  
collaboration with other SIB groups. The EMBnet team won't be  
responsible for running those new portals, however the current web  
sites and services are maintained until the new sites will officially  
take over. You will be kept informed in due time about the new services.

To ensure a continuity of service, please fill in the general survey:

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With our best regards,

Laurent Falquet, Swiss EMBnet node manager
and the Swiss EMBnet team members,
Vassilios Ioannidis
Sébastien Moretti

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