EMBnet News bulletin of 4 March 2009

Laurent Falquet Laurent.Falquet at unil.ch
Wed Mar 4 17:28:45 CET 2009

* EMBnet News bulletin of 04-Mar-2009 *

Dear Users,

We are sorry to announce that the Swiss EMBnet node will cease its  
activities at the end of 2009.

Due to an internal SIB restructuration, the service, teaching and  
helpdesk activities of the EMBnet node will be reorganized within  
various new SIB web portals. The EMBnet team won't be responsible for  
running those portals, however the current web site and services are  
maintained until the end of the year.

To ensure a continuity of service, please fill in the general survey:

Many thanks for having used our services over the last 12 years.

With our best regards,

Laurent Falquet, Swiss EMBnet node manager
and the Swiss EMBnet team members,
Vassilios Ioannidis
Sébastien Moretti

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