EMBnet News bulletin of 25 Feb 2008

Laurent Falquet Laurent.Falquet at unil.ch
Mon Feb 25 14:22:10 CET 2008

* EMBnet News bulletin of 25-Feb-2008 *

Dear Users,

Please note the following course organised in Geneva by the Swiss  
Institute of Bioinformatics:

Protein information databases: use and pitfalls

The purpose of this course is to explore in depth proteomics resources:
how to make best use of databases and tools and how to avoid pitfalls
(nomenclature-linked problems, redundancy). This course is intended to
teach how to survive in an increasingly complex data landscape (how to  
from genome to proteome, extract targeted relevant datasets). Learn the
tricks directly from the people in the trade.

This course is part of the program of the Swiss Institute of
Bioinformatics doctoral school (http://www.isb-sib.ch/teaching/sib/program.htm 
It is open to all interested people.

DATES: Monday, 14 April - Friday, 18 April; 2008
LOCATION: Salle informatique - 4097 - CMU - 1 Michel Servet - Geneva
REGISTRATION AND INFORMATION: Marie-Claude.Blatter at isb-sib.ch

-1st and 2nd day
Experimental databases/archives (EMBL/GenBank, Ensembl, Swiss2DPAGE,
Intact, PRIDE,..). Derived proteomic databases (UniProt, InterPro,..).
-3rd and 4th day
Nomenclature, controlled vocabularies, ontologies.
Information management (retrieval tools and text mining).
-5th day
Database mapping (interconnexion and navigation).

Reminder: We also organise several courses in 2008:

1) Lausanne September 1-5: Protein structure: prediction and analysis
2) Basel September 8-12: Unix/Perl for life sciences

1) Protein structure: prediction and analysis (LS)
The course covers the concepts of molecular modeling and simulation.
Major topics include force fields, statistical mechanics, molecular  
and the analysis of simulation results. Attendees will work through  
short tutorial
on the topics discussed in the class. A basic knowledge of Unix is  
required for the
practical sessions of the course.

Registration opened until July 31st:
For more information please contact Dr. Vassilios Ioannidis
vassilios.ioannidis at isb-sib.ch

2) Unix/Perl for life sciences (BS)
Using the web interface for Bioinformatics research is very convenient  
small amounts of data (e.g. less than 20 sequences). As soon as
researchers want to analyze more sequences (from 20 up to thousands
sequences or megabytes of data), the task becomes tedious.
The course aims at providing the very basic knowledge of Unix command-
line and PERL scripting abilities to analyze large amounts of data by
automating recurring tasks or by grouping several tasks into one
This course is organized for biomedical researchers and no particular
programming knowledge is required.

Registration deadline August 15th:
The registration page will be announced soon on http://www.ch.embnet.org/pages/courses.html
or contact course organiser Dr. Lorenza.Bordoli at isb-sib.ch
This course is organized with the support of the Swiss Committee for
Molecular Biology (SKMB) (http://www.usgeb.ch/skmb.html).

How to contact us ?

Don't forget our official help desk email address:

helpdesk at mail.ch.embnet.org

When sending an email to this address you will automatically receive
a ticket with a number. Your question will be answered by our team
or by an expert in the field from the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics.

With our best regards,

Laurent Falquet, Swiss EMBnet node manager
and the Swiss EMBnet team members,
Lorenza Bordoli
Vassilios Ioannidis
Sébastien Moretti

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