EMBnet News bulletin of 29 Mar 2006

Laurent Falquet Laurent.Falquet at unil.ch
Wed Mar 29 16:48:57 CEST 2006

* EMBnet News bulletin of 29-Mar-2006 *

Dear Users,

The Swiss-Prot knowledgebase is celebrating 20 years of service to 
the scientific community.

And to mark this anniversary, the Swiss-Prot group of the Swiss 
Institute of Bioinformatics will be holding a major conference on the 
subject of the in-silico analysis of proteins, which will take place 
from July 30th to August 4th in Fortaleza, Brazil.

The five day event will cover themes such as knowledgebases, sequence 
searches and alignments, protein sequence analysis, protein structure 
prediction, analysis and visualization, as well as proteomics data 
analysis. 47 internationally renowned speakers will be present and 
about 1000 participants are expected world wide.

We urge you to take a look at the congress website 
(http://www.swissprot20.org) and hope to see you there this summer.

With our kindest regards,

Anne Estreicher, for the Swiss-Prot communication team

Anne Estreicher, PhD
Swiss-Prot communication team
Swiss-Prot annotator / Human Proteomics Initiative
Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (ISB / SIB)
CMU - 1, rue Michel-Servet
CH -1211 Geneva 4
Tel: (+41 22) 379 49 30
Fax: (+41 22) 379 58 58
mailto:Anne.Estreicher at isb-sib.ch

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