EMBnet News bulletin of 20-Aug-2003

Laurent Falquet Laurent.Falquet at isrec.unil.ch
Tue Aug 19 10:59:18 CEST 2003

* EMBnet News bulletin of 20-Aug-2003 *

Dear Users,

New BLAST machine!

The Swiss EMBnet node has just acquired a new BLAST machine
consisting of a cluster of 24 Pentium PC under Linux from Paracel.
This machine is much faster than the previous one especially
for blastn searches. We encourage you to try it.

http://www.ch.embnet.org/software/bBLAST.html (basic page)
http://www.ch.embnet.org/software/aBLAST.html (advanced page)

If you are missing a database that would be very useful for your
research, don't hesitate to ask for it. We would be happy to add it
to our server.

New service at EMBnet: Help Desk

We have settled an official help desk email address:

helpdesk at mail.ch.embnet.org

When sending an email to this address you will automatically receive
a ticket with a number. Your question will be answered by our team
or by an expert in the field from the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics.

EMBnet.news Vol.9 Issue 2 is available

EMBnet.news is the official publication from the EMBnet organisation.
It provides users worldwide with information about the life of the nodes
and articles or tutorials describing some software packages.

For example, the last 2 issues (vol9-1 and vol9-2) contain a series
of tutorials on MacOSX and Bioinformatics.

We encourage you to read this publication.

All volumes archive:

or also here (only Vol.9):

With our best greetings,

Laurent Falquet, Swiss EMBnet node manager
and the Swiss EMBnet team members,
Lorenza Bordoli
Vassilios Ioannidis
EMBnet News reports developments and changes affecting the Swiss EMBnet node.
EMBnet News articles report on newservices, links added to the node's 
Web pages,
changes affecting users of EMBOSS and other software packages, planned upgrades
likely to affect services, etc.
Users of Swiss EMBnet services are strongly encouraged to subscribe, as
this is our main mode of communication with them.

To subscribe or unsubscribe to EMBnet News, connect to the following URL:
or send an E-mail containing the text 'subscribe' to
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