EMBnet News bulletin of 3-Jul-2003

Laurent Falquet Laurent.Falquet at isrec.unil.ch
Thu Jul 3 16:30:22 CEST 2003

* EMBnet News bulletin of  3-Jul-2003 *

Opening of the course registration

Dear Users,

The registration for the course "Introduction to Bioinformatics" is now open,
you can register on this web site:

This course will be held from October 6 to 10, 2003 at the Basel 
Biocenter, it is
targeted to students in biology or biochemistry who want to know what 
kind of data
and software tools are available on the web for the scientific 
community and how to
use them adequately.

The aim of this course is to familiarize graduate students with:

*  basic computer concepts and their everyday use in a biological 
laboratory setting.
*  the structure of molecular sequence databases and the methods to 
analyse their contents.
*  some of the biological resources available on the Internet and 
their usefulness (or lack thereof).
*  a sound introduction to the possibilities and limitations of 
computer-assisted genome analysis.
*  the resources available through the Swiss EMBnet node, and to 
train them in their usage.

More information here:

We will close the registration on September 1st, 2003 or earlier if the
maximal number of 20 participants is reached.

For any question regarding this course, please contact Dr. Lorenza Bordoli
<Lorenza.Bordoli at isb-sib.ch>

These courses are organised jointly by the Swiss node of EMBnet and by the
SKMB (Swiss Committee for Molecular Biology)

New services at EMBnet: Jemboss

In addition to the Unix command-line access and the anonymous Web access
throught the Pise interface, we have the pleasure to announce that the
EMBOSS package is now also available using the Jemboss Java interface.

This Jemboss interface requires an authentification and allows the users to
run all EMBOSS programs graphically, manage their local and remote files,
edit multiple alignments, etc...

It requires the Java Web Start (downloadable for Windows and Unix system,
available by default on MacOSX).

more information here:

EMBL 75 available

The EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database was frozen to make Release 75 on
30-MAY-2003. The release contains  25,214,767 sequence entries comprising
32,195,012,823 nucleotides. This represents an increase of about 10% over
Release 74.

A breakdown of Release 75 by division is shown below:

Constructed                184     838,699,179 (see Note)
ESTs                16,928,340   8,595,205,394
Fungi                   77,835     121,563,447
GSSs                 5,360,409   3,158,737,181
HTC                    151,653     199,532,408
HTG                     68,836  11,785,274,832
Human                  248,193   3,969,969,766
Invertebrates          121,828     609,642,910
Other Mammals           48,751     103,252,725
Mus musculus            74,469   1,135,155,874
Organelles             204,489     168,241,510
Patents              1,122,385     616,778,214
Bacteriophage            2,332       8,445,422
Plants                 176,501     568,303,125
Prokaryotes            190,734     638,372,821
Rodents                 24,936      45,228,463
STSs                   165,775      69,132,571
Synthetic                8,750      16,009,034
Unclassified             1,485       2,124,638
Viruses                188,213     167,797,523
Other Vertebrates       48,669     216,244,965
                   ------------ ---------------
Total               25,214,767  32,195,012,823

EMBL database statistics are available at
URL: http://www3.ebi.ac.uk/Services/DBStats/

Note: The nucleotide count for CON(structed) entries is included
in the table, but not in the total. Starting from
this release, the nucleotide count for CON entries will not
be included in the sum, because CON entries don't include
sequence as such, just assembly information for the segments.
The nucleotide count for the segments of a CON entry is in the
taxonomic divisions and already included into the total.

We wish you a nice summer.

Laurent Falquet, Swiss EMBnet node manager
and the Swiss EMBnet team members,
Lorenza Bordoli
Vassilios Ioannidis

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