EMBnet News bulletin of 27-Jun-2002

Laurent Falquet Laurent.Falquet at isrec.unil.ch
Thu Jun 27 14:00:45 CEST 2002

* EMBnet News bulletin of 27-Jun-2002 *

Changes at EMBnet Switzerland

Dear Users,

As of the beginning of June, I have been given the responsability of the
Swiss EMBnet node manager position by the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics,
replacing Dr. Claude Bonnard.

Dr. Bonnard will continue to be a member of the EMBnet staff as the 
technical manager.
The staff will be expanded (see article below) to include two course organisers
(one for the French part and one for the German part of Switzerland), 
and a webmaster -
altogether there are three full-time positions (including mine).

One of the main change will be the discontinuation of the GCG service 
by the end
of the year. As a replacement we will support the EMBOSS package. As 
EMBOSS is similar
to GCG in its philosophy, current users of the GCG environment can 
keep their files
and accounts on our servers. (see http://www.emboss.org)
We will organise an upgrade course for them to allow a smooth 
transition to the new
package. Help pages and manuals will be available on our web site.

Opening of two positions at EMBnet Swiss

The Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics seeks Two Bioinformatics 
Support Specialists.
Detailed job descriptions are available at 

Course registration is closed

The registration for the 2nd edition of our "Introduction to 
Bioinformatics" course
is closed. This course is scheduled for September 2-6, 2002.

EMBL 71 available (on ftp server already, soon on the blast server)

The EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database was frozen to make Release 71 on
28-MAY-2002. The release contains 17,226,421 sequence entries comprising
20,017,246,707 nucleotides. This represents an increase of about 11% over
Release 70. A breakdown of Release 71 by division is shown below:

Division               Entries     Nucleotides
----------------- ------------ ---------------
ESTs                11,763,049   5,613,609,700
Fungi                   63,509     100,770,421
GSSs                 3,550,771   1,984,550,807
HTC                     33,011      40,813,331
HTG                     52,659   6,626,890,390
Human                  204,742   3,155,282,001
Invertebrates           94,035     553,561,424
Other Mammals           39,192      55,268,207
Mus musculus            56,513     333,366,348
Organelles             146,033     120,192,334
Patents                625,661     320,069,104
Bacteriophage            2,132       6,646,325
Plants                 113,246     375,983,904
Prokaryotes            143,097     440,418,884
Rodents                 22,176      34,483,433
STSs                   118,038      47,210,513
Synthetic                6,653      12,617,074
Unclassified             1,259       2,029,845
Viruses                154,696     136,690,696
Other Vertebrates       35,946      56,791,966
                   ------------ ---------------
Total               17,226,421  20,017,246,707

Best regards,
Laurent Falquet
Swiss EMBnet node Manager
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