EMBnet News bulletin of 8-Jan-2002

Laurent Falquet Laurent.Falquet at isrec.unil.ch
Tue Jan 8 15:06:55 CET 2002

* EMBnet News bulletin of  8-Jan-2002 *

Opening of the course registration

Dear Users,

The registration for the course "DNA microarrays" is now open,
you can register on this web site:

This course will be held from March 4 to 8, 2002 at EPFL, it is targeted to
students in biology or biochemistry who are interested in performing 
analysis of
DNA chips and microarrays data.
The aim of this course is to familiarize graduate students with the 
DNA microarray
technology and with the analysis of gene expression data.
Two days (Part I) will be devoted to the labeling of mRNA samples, 
hybridization and
scanning of microarrays.
Three days (Part II) will concern computer analysis of microarray 
data and database management.

More information here: 

Participants can register separately for each part.
Part I is limited to 12 persons and part II to 24 persons.

*** WARNING ***
Due to the limited number of places for Part I, we would appreciate a 
letter of motivation.
Please send this letter to:
		Laurent Falquet
		155, ch. des Boveresses
		CH-1066 Epalinges
Or by email to:
		laurent.falquet at isrec.unil.ch

Only one registration by laboratory will be accepted, PhD students from the
3eme-cycle Universities have priority.

We will close the registration on January 31, 2002 or earlier if the
maximal number of participants is reached.

The registration for the 2nd edition of our "Introduction to 
Bioinformatics" course
is also open at the same address. This course is scheduled for 
September 2-6, 2002.

We will close the registration on July 1, 2002 or earlier if the
maximal number of participants is reached.

These courses are organised jointly by the swiss node of EMBnet and by the
"3eme Cycle Romand en Sciences Biologiques".

EMBL 69 available

EMBL release 69 is now available on our servers.

The release contains 14,366,182 sequence entries comprising
15,383,451,165 nucleotides. This represents an increase of about 12% over
Release 68. A breakdown of Release 69 by division is shown below:

Division               Entries     Nucleotides
----------------- ------------ ---------------
ESTs                 9,711,350   4,485,411,666
Fungi                   56,140      91,558,415
GSSs                 2,962,428   1,651,775,931
HTC                     21,995      28,047,897
HTG                     92,624   4,773,887,681
Human                  189,538   2,397,229,972
Invertebrates           78,903     501,943,948
Other Mammals           35,987      44,723,266
Mus musculus            47,311     148,343,360
Organelles             121,146     101,008,344
Patents                505,301     217,678,409
Bacteriophage            1,795       5,466,279
Plants                 107,092     315,456,976
Prokaryotes            122,962     366,331,426
Rodents                 21,441      31,813,444
STSs                   112,986      44,469,682
Synthetic                6,445      12,092,486
Unclassified             1,271       1,976,215
Viruses                137,308     121,182,428
Other Vertebrates       32,159      43,053,340
                   ------------ ---------------
Total               14,366,182  15,383,451,165

When freezing data for this release, the number of nucleotides in the database
had passed the 15 billion mark. EMBL database statistics are available
at URL: http://www3.ebi.ac.uk/Services/DBStats/

Happy New Year and Best Wishes,

Laurent Falquet

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