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The Supercomputing Resource for Molecular Biology (SRMB), located at
the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany, is
offering training courses in
Parallel Programming and High Performance Computing
to European researchers in molecular biology.  The next course will be held 
31 August - 4 September 1997.
The course is an intensive and comprehensive introduction to parallel 
programming and high performance computing for European molecular 
biologists.  Topics include:
Heterogeneous distributed computing with PVM
Message passing programming with MPI
Data parallel programming with Fortran90/HPF
Methodologies for designing parallel algorithms
Performance modeling and scalability analysis
Optimization for modern microprocessors
Shared memory programming and parallelizing compilers
Case studies from parallel applications in molecular biology
There is considerable emphasis on hands-on experience through practical 
sessions.  In particular, participants will write and execute their own 
parallel programs in PVM, MPI and Fortran90/HPF.
The course is open to European researchers at the advanced post-graduate 
level who have research interests in molecular biology, including sequence 
analysis, image processing, structure refinement, protein design and 
molecular dynamics.  Participants from EU countries will be supported by an 
EU HCM/ALSF grant.  Residents of other EMBL member countries will be 
supported by funds from EMBL. Participants receive travel, accommodation 
and a subsistence allowance during their visit, as well as access to the 
computational facilities of the Laboratory.
If you wish to attend you should fill out an online application form AS 
SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Further information, with links to a detailed agenda and 
application forms, can be found at:

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