EMBNet News bulletin of 20-May-1997

Victor Jongeneel Victor.Jongeneel at isrec.unil.ch
Tue May 20 10:07:33 CEST 1997

* EMBNet News bulletin of 20-May-1997 *

1. EPFL BLAST server

After three months of successful operation of our new BLAST server, we have
decided to discontinue support for the EPFL server. As we are no longer
updating databases at EPFL, please do not use this service anymore.

The new BLAST server can be accessed at
http://www.ch.embnet.org/software/WUBLAST_form.html or through the ExPASy
WWW werver. The databases it accesses are updated weekly, and include
non-redundant protein (Swiss-Prot+TREMBL+GenPep) and nucleic acid
(EMBL+updates) databases, plus dbEST, dbSTS, the yeast genome, and two
repetitive element databases (useful for filtering genomic sequences).

2. FDF server

We have discovered a very significant problem with our Fast Data Finder, in
that it produces erroneous results when given a query sequence longer than
about 400 amino acids. For this reason, the FDF server is no longer
available, and we are returning our machine to Paracel for further testing.
We hope to make this service available again in the future, when we are
satisfied that it is bug-free.

3. Sequence analysis course

Registrations for the September 1997 session of the course are now being
accepted. Please note that very few spots are still available, because we
have given priority to registrants to the March session. Registration is
through the Web only, at http://www.ch.embnet.org/registration.html


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