EMBNet News bulletin of 14-Mar-1997

Victor Jongeneel Victor.Jongeneel at isrec.unil.ch
Fri Mar 14 17:03:36 CET 1997

* EMBNet News bulletin of 14-Mar-1997 *

1. WWW access to GCG programs

A Web interface to the GCG programs is now available for registered users.
It incorporates almost all of the functionalities available through the
command line, with the notable exception of the seqed, lineup and elineup
editors. A viewer for the output of graphical programs is included.
Netscape version 2.01 or higher is required to use the interface (MS
Internet Explorer does *not* work with all programs). We recommend the use
of a high-resolution screen, as the program generates many on-screen windows.

The Web interface can be accessed at http://gcg.ch.embnet.org:8080/index.html

2. New BLAST server.

The users of the EPFL BLAST server, and all those who need access to a less
busy server than the one at NCBI, will be happy to know that we now have
installed our own server. Running on a 2-processor Pentium Pro machine, it
has a faster response time that the EPFL server, and should be more stable.
Stress testing during the recent EMBNet course has failed to crash it. The
server implements both the WU BLAST (generating gapped alignments) and the
original NCBI BLAST algorithms. A full set of up-to-date databases is
provided. It can be accessed from the GCG programs on gcg.ch.embnet.org, or
through the Web page at http://www.ch.embnet.org/software/WUBLAST_form.html

3. EMBNet course (repeat)

The sequence analysis course held from March 3 to 7 was a success. It will
be repeated during the second week in September. We expect that it will be
filled with the applicants who did not get into the March course, but we
may also take a few new people. Please note that we will *require*
participants to take a Unix introductory course in their respecitv
Universities before they come to the sequence analysis course. You may want
to plan for this if you are hoping to participate in September.


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