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Victor Jongeneel Victor.Jongeneel at isrec.unil.ch
Fri Nov 29 16:23:09 CET 1996

* EMBNet News bulletin of 29-Nov-1996 *

For users of the GCG package, either at our site or elsewhere in
Switzerland, we have installed WWW versions of the GCG manual (courtesy of
Frédéric Plewniak from the IGBMC in Strasbourg) and of the EGCG manual
(courtesy of Martin Hilbert from SEQNET, Daresbury). This allows one to have
a handy hypertext reference to the GCG commands while working with the
programs.  The WWW interface to the programs themselves should follow shortly.

For those sites maintaining GCG locally, we are happy to announce that
GCG-formatted versions of the EMBL (including dbEST and dbSTS) and
Swiss-Prot databases are available on our FTP server (ftp.ch.embnet.org) and
through our Web pages. These databases are updated weekly. Our server
supports on-the-fly compression, significantly reducing transfer times.

Finally, we want to remind you that GCG accounts are available to anyone
associated with a Swiss academic institution. Very favorable conditions have
just been negociated by EMBnet for the GCG programs, so that the cost per
user will be well below the USD 50-100 per year announced earlier.


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